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Six Tips For a Successful Transition

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It's time to do what you were meant to do!

Change is inevitable, Suffering is a choice

After a successful career creating music, I hit a wall. I couldn’t go on. I needed a big change, real bad! So bad that I turned down scoring a TV series for a major network and promised myself that I wouldn’t make music for money again until I loved it, with all my heart… again.

I was burned out, lost, and almost broken. I had been cranking out music by the pound, paying the mortgage, and eventually, I started to lose the fire in my belly. I started nurturing my depression with drugs and alcohol. Music was no longer feeding my heart and soul the way it had for most of my life. I had lost my North Star, my best friend.

I was burned-out, resentful, and finally, I was breaking. Something had to change!

Coaching saved my life!

By my early 50s, I was holding myself back with a toxic bundle of “everybody knows” limiting beliefs, false assumptions, false interpretations, and a constant stream of negative self-talk. By partnering with some powerful coaches I was able to get perspective on what I was doing and started dissolving these internal burdens that were making me miserable.

Turning my life around this way has inspired me to help others navigate the choppy seas of transition to bring purpose, excitement, joy, and passion back into their lives.

If you don't follow your dreams, who will?

If you are at a pivotal time in your life and your happiness depends on you finally following your dreams, consider hiring me as your coach.

Through coaching, I’ll partner with you to establish and achieve your purpose and goals, while opening up new possibilities that were previously hidden from you. We will get to the core of what’s getting in your way and create a positive shift in how you see the world around you.

Together we will…

Transition coaching is perfect for: Career change, empty nesting, change in relationship status, finally pursuing your lifelong dream, gender transition, retirement planning, moving in with your partner, midlife reinvention.


Your Life Can Improve Drastically

Imagine waking up each day knowing you are doing what you were meant to do. Imagine having that feeling of purpose and passion. Life becomes dramatically different when you are following your heart. Everything changes when you have a purpose in life. You feel fulfilled and hopeful. You begin to see the good in others and especially the good in yourself.

Be excited to face each day

When you’re aligned with your purpose and passion each day is an adventure

Discover Unconditional Self-love

Yes, this can be learned and it makes everything so much sweeter

Reconnect with your Enthusiasm

Get back in your creative flow and be the boss of your best life yet

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