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RE: Change w/ Cat LaBelle
After 25 years in marketing, sales, executive leadership, and business development, Cat LaBelle became a Certified Professional Coach. She specializes in helping clients unlock excellence in their lives by rethinking the rules. She is a recovering people pleaser, single mom of a magical tween, step-mom of two great young ladies, and an Al-anon frequent flyer.
In this episode, Cat tells us about the risks and rewards of starting her own leadership coaching company.

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RE: Change w/ Deryl Sweeney
Most importantly, Deryl Sweeney is dad to Samuel & Noah and husband to his wife, Meredith. For the last 20 years, he’s launched and scaled multiple businesses, helped raise millions of dollars as a co-founder of a grass-roots charity raising money to cure cystic fibrosis, and developed marketing tactics and strategies for clients nationwide.
He’s taken all of those experiences and harnessed them to help his clients as a professional coach, which we’ll talk more about in this episode of Regarding Change.

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RE: Change w/ Kevin Huntting
Kevin Huntting (he/him/his) is passionate about partnering with LGBTQ+ professionals & allies who need the clarity and courage to make the next big move in life. He currently lives in Miami, FL, and has spent 17+ years working for Fortune 500 companies in CRM, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing. Part hippie, part Goth, avid lover of nature, proud owner of two husky mixes, and married to an amazing man named Jonathan! In this episode, Kevin talks about the risks and rewards of following his passion for helping people transform their lives.


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