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From Burnout to Breakthroughs

My name is Alison Whiteacre. I am an authentic, enthusiastic, intimate, playful, creative, transgender, polyamorous, gender-fluid, diabetic, nonjudgemental, flawed, self-accepting, parent, daughter, wife and coach. 

This list is true of me here and now and learning to love all these parts of myself  has been a continuous process. My story is as tumultuous and flawed as each of ours and I am privileged to be in a place where I can help you understand and embrace yours.

As recent as seven years ago I was burnt out, lost, and broken, staring at the results of a successful thirty five year career in music and feeling completely miserable. What had been my purpose for living for so many years now filled me with anxiety and sadness. What had led me to this place? 

I was burned-out, resentful, and finally, I was breaking. Something HAD to change!

My career in music flowed from the passionate pursuit of beauty, fame and fortune. I composed, performed, and produced music at an exhausting pace for decades; a glorious but often unfulfilling battle I fought in tandem with burnout, addiction, parenthood, and partnership.

Limiting beliefs, false assumptions, and a years-long stream of negative self-talk had poisoned my understanding of myself and what my life could be. I was as low as a person could be and I reached out for help. 

Coaching saved my life and got me back on track!

Coaches and therapists helped me to regain control of my life. They mentored me through fundamental changes in how I understood and moved through life and enabled me to proudly come out, to myself and to the world, as polyamorous, pansexual, and transgender. This period of deep introspection led me to understand the parts of myself that I had been repressing and facilitated the realization that identity in general and gender identity specifically had been contributing to my feeling so lost in myself. 

I was determined to learn the professional practice of the same skills that had helped me so radically, leading me to enroll in coach training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). My vision became to help people understand what they want to achieve with their one precious life and to set them to building those castles in the air. With a lifetime of wild experiences to avail myself of, and a newfound love of life, I feel that I can authentically say that I have been to terrible places and have crawled out of them a more robust and empowered person. Coaching saved my life and I am driven to help you transform yours.

Alison Whiteacre
Certified Leadership & Transition Coach

Alison Whiteacre, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Leadership & Transition Coach

– Certified Professional Coach: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

– ELI-Master Practitioner: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Owner: Big Planet Music Inc. Boutique Music Licensing Catalog of over 4,500 tracks.

Composer / Producer / Artist previously known as Billy White Acre.

Awards & Composer Credits

– Best Film Score & Sound Design “Cookers”  – Milan International Film Festival

– Sundance Composer Lab Fellowship – Sundance Institute

– Best Independent Album – “Billy’s Not Bitter” – L.A. Music Awards

– Fifth annual Billboard Song Contest – 1st Place (Rock) – ‘13th Generation’

– Southern California Guitarist of the Year – BAM Magazine & KLSX Radio

Best Band – Tanqueray Rocks National Talent Contest, NYC

– Best Solo Performer – Westword Magazine, Denver CO

– Best Solo Performance – Elevox Open Jazz Competition

– Best Acoustic Group – National Academy of Songwriters & Music Connection Magazine

– National TV & Radio Commercials: Chevy Camero, Bud Light, Blue Cross, Capital One, Clorox, Coors, Dunkin Donuts, Garnier, Home Depot, Honda Cars & Motorcycles, Hyundai, J.C Penny, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Red Robin, Safeway, Tropicana & Yamaha.

– TV Shows – including Pawn Stars, Hoarding: Buried Alive, Black Gold, Log Heads, Treasure Quest, Powering the Future, Black Sash, The Kellys, From Fat to Finish Line, Venom on Nova

– Feature Films including Love & Sex, Cookers, The Shot Felt ‘Round the World, Zombie Strippers, Alyce Kills, New World Order, Rip it Off, The Process.

Further Education:

Orchestration: Berklee College of Music, Boston MA.

Jazz Improvisation, Composition, Buddhist Psychology, Dance & Poetics: Naropa University, Boulder CO.

Ethnomusicology, Composition, Jazz Improvisation & History, Viola de Gamba Performance: York University, Toronto Canada.

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