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From Burnout to Breakthroughs

After a successful 35-year chameleon career as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, teacher, performer, recording artist, record producer, publisher and composer for TV, commercials, and feature films, I hit a wall. I couldn’t go on. I needed a big change, real bad! So bad that I turned down scoring a TV show for a major network and promised myself that I wouldn’t make music for money again until I loved it, with all my heart… again. I was burned out, lost, and almost broken.

Let me rewind for a bit.

Music has always been a major part of my life. When I was three months old, my Aunt Pat predicted that I would be a singer. At 10, I started an intensive singing scholarship at an English choir school. It was survival of the fittest and a lot of fun in a very Hogwarts (muggles-style) boarding school environment. At 14, my transition back to life in Canada was a big shock. My voice changed, and I was no longer riding on my singing talents. I discovered heavy metal, pop, hard rock, bebop, folk, funk and depression. Losing my strong sense of purpose was like losing my North Star. I was lost.

Music to the rescue! At 17, I learned Dear Prudence by The Beatles, and I was off and running. A year later, I started teaching guitar and was accepted into the music program at York University in Toronto. I continued on to Naropa University, a Buddhist liberal arts college in Boulder, Colorado, where I studied jazz, composition, Buddhist psychology, dance, and poetics. At 30, I moved with my five-month pregnant wife to Los Angeles in pursuit of "fame and fortune" as a recording/performing artist, guitar and voice teacher, and budding record producer.

After a decade of slugging it out in the trenches, barely scraping by, I transitioned from artist/performer to score composer and producer for hire. It was time to make some money! We used to have a saying back then, "Success in the music business comes if you can bend but not break" meaning, always say "yes, I can do this" and then, come hell or high water, you figure out a way to deliver it in tune and on time.

For the next 15 years, I focused on creative ways to make money with my musical talents. I was producing albums for bands and songwriters, writing music for commercials, TV, video games, and feature films as well as creating Big Planet Music Inc., my production music licensing library. I was cranking out music by the pound, paying the mortgage, and eventually, I started to lose the fire in my belly. I started nurturing my depression with drugs and alcohol. Music was no longer feeding my heart and soul. I would come to the studio every day with a heavy heart and a deep sadness. I had lost my North Star, my best friend. 

I was burned-out, resentful, and finally, I was breaking. Something HAD to change!

By my early 50s, I had, for years, been suppressing my true self with a toxic bundle of "everybody knows" limiting beliefs, false assumptions, false interpretations, and a constant stream of negative self-talk. This was when therapy and, especially, coaching started saving my life. I proudly came out as polyamorous, pansexual, kinky, and gender fluid. With that massive weight off my back, I did what a composer never does, I turned down scoring a TV show for a major network and promised myself I would never go back to producing music for money again. At least not until I loved it with all my heart, again.

Staying the same had become more painful than the changing.

I had no backup plan, but I did have a fearless willingness to step into the unknown. It was soon after making this commitment that I discovered the coach training program at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and was off and running again. I had a newfound purpose in using my intuitive gifts and transition experiences to help people with big dreams transition to the best version of themselves.

Coaching saved my life and got me back on purpose!

A fundamental aspect of coaching is to listen deeply and be fully present for your client without coloring their truth with your judgments, opinions, and agenda. As I nurtured my self-love and non-judgment practice, my intuition with clients increased exponentially. It was during this first year of coaching in 2016 that I started my medical gender transition. Transitioning genders has been a fantastic gift that has taught me so much about myself and humanity. Fully embracing my femininity has been like finding a major missing puzzle piece in my life.

I have always tried to follow my heart, but I probably wouldn’t have had the "balls" to embrace transition without the support of my family, friends and some powerful coaching. Deep, insightful coaching provided a safe, neutral environment for me to examine and eliminate so many limiting barriers I had been setting up my whole life.

Now, as a transition coach, I’m motivated to help you create the best version of your life. I help people with big dreams take the fearless steps to transform their lives and careers to fully express their purpose, passion, values, and vision.

If you’re going through a major transition or you know it’s time for major renovations to your life, don’t get lost in transition. If you feel stuck, If you feel alone, If you feel lost and need guidance, clarity, and support, please consider hiring me as your coach.

If you’d like to take a closer, please click here and let me know what’s going on in your life right now.

Alison Whiteacre
Certified Life Purpose & Transition Coach

Alison Whiteacre, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Life Purpose & Transition Coach

– Certified Professional Coach: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

– ELI-Master Practitioner: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Owner: Big Planet Music Inc. Boutique Music Licensing Catalog of over 4,500 tracks.

Composer / Producer / Artist also known as Billy White Acre.

Awards & Composer Credits

– Best Film Score & Sound Design "Cookers"  – Milan International Film Festival

– Sundance Composer Lab Fellowship – Sundance Institute

– Best Independent Album – "Billy’s Not Bitter" – L.A. Music Awards

– Fifth annual Billboard Song Contest – 1st Place (Rock) – ‘13th Generation’

– Southern California Guitarist of the Year – BAM Magazine & KLSX Radio

Best Band – Tanqueray Rocks National Talent Contest

– Best Solo Performer – Westword Magazine, Denver CO

– Best Solo Performance – Elevox Open Jazz Competition

– Best Acoustic Group – National Academy of Songwriters & Music Connection Magazine

– National TV & Radio Commercials: Chevy Camero, Bud Light, Blue Cross, Capital One, Clorox, Coors, Dunkin Donuts, Garnier, Home Depot, Honda Cars & Motorcycles, Hyundai, J.C Penny, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Red Robin, Safeway, Tropicana & Yamaha.

– TV Shows – including Pawn Stars, Hoarding: Buried Alive, Black Gold, Log Heads, Treasure Quest, Powering the Future, Black Sash, The Kellys, From Fat to Finish Line, Venom on Nova

– Feature Films including Love & Sex, Cookers, The Shot Felt ‘Round the World, Zombie Strippers, Alyce Kills, New World Order, Rip it Off, The Process.

Further Education:

Orchestration: Berklee College of Music, Boston MA.

Jazz Improvisation, Composition, Buddhist Psychology, Dance & Poetics: Naropa University, Boulder CO.

Ethnomusicology, Composition, Jazz Improvisation & History, Viola de Gamba Performance: York University, Toronto Canada.

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