21 Day Fresh Start

Three Week Group Coaching Course

Shake off 2020 and kickstart the new year with The 21 Day Fresh Start Group Coaching Course. During this live, virtual training, you'll connect with what's most important to you and confidently map out your best path forward with clarity, motivation, and support.

  • 3 Live Zoom Classes. Wednesday, Jan 6th, 13th, & 20th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. PST
  • Learn valuable strategies and tools to keep you focused, productive, and moving forward.
  • Work with a professional transition coach in a supportive environment with your peers.
  • 1 on 1 strategy session with Alison.
  • Give yourself a Fresh Start for 2021!

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Alison provided a safe space for me to build my confidence, and find the clarity I needed to create and carry out a profound and sustainable action plan.

— Lisa Gillette - TV Executive, Ret.

The Problem with Major Transitions

I know how hopeless and demoralizing it can feel to continue in a life, relationship, or career that once worked but is clearly not working anymore. You know something is wrong, but how do you begin to create a new and exciting direction for your life?

It's hard to see the forest when you're tangled up in the bushes and it's impossible to be excited about getting out of bed when you don't have a strong sense of purpose or a clear direction forward.

It's completely normal during major transitions to have feelings of loss, abandonment, isolation, doubt, depression, fear of the unknown, anxiety, and lack of creativity. This is a natural fork in the road. We all encounter it and the choice is stark:

Will you be a victim of circumstance, or write your own story?

The Solution:

During The 21 Day Fresh Start course you will:

Create your own Personal Mission Statement and write your WHY. These are magic keys to unlock your purpose and inspire you through the ups and downs of change. 

Discover where you are in The Cycle of Change. Find out what is expected in your phase and learn how to take your exact next steps to move your life forward.

Connect With Your North Star by identifying your Core Values. It's much easier to make big life decisions when you see your options through the lens of what matters most to you.

Separate from the past with compassion. As you renovate your support structure and set up your new board of directors, be firm yet compassionate with those you are leaving behind.

Learn ways to Practice Self-love. Yes, it's possible to become your own best friend, and during major transitions, self-love is an essential ingredient for your happiness and success.

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Alison helped me create and keep accountability for my goals and to clearly visualize my direction forward. I feel confident in the path that I am on due to the clarity and insight of Alison’s coaching!

— Aimee Sones, Visual Artist, Educator

The Outcome:

Hi there - I'm Alison Whiteacre.

I'm passionate about helping people navigate the rocky waters of change.

In The 21 Day Fresh Start Course, you will clarify where you are in the Cycle of Change, what you are most passionate about, and how to take action on your best steps to confidently move forward.

Either by choice or by circumstance, major change comes to all of us during our lives. Take back the reins on your life!

This 3-week group coaching course will have you taking the bold steps necessary to bring your new life into alignment with your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Snap outta that funk!

Stop procrastinating! Do that thing you are here to do!

Are you ready to play full out?

Alison was very clear about being a guide with a minimalist approach. She also held my feet to the fire, which I liked because it was exactly what I needed.

— Diana Campbell, Small Business Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

Each week, for three weeks, we will meet in a small groups, no more than 6, for 60-90 minutes on Zoom (depends on class size.) Course material will be taught and we will discuss how the materials apply to each participant. Each participant will receive mini coaching with Alison to help them determine their best action steps forward. Homeplay will be assigned for the week following each class and participants will have a 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching session with Alison in week 3.

Being part of a cohort helps us learn from each other while not always being in the focus seat.

What will I learn?

In The 21 Day Fresh Start you'll learn:

  • Your Personal Mission Statement and your WHY
  • Where you are in The Cycle of Change
  • How to confidently make big decisions based on your Core Values, WHY and Mission Statement
  • Ways to make Self-Love a regular part of your day
  • How to move on from a place of compassion, purpose and power

How do I know whether The 21 Day Fresh Start Course is right for me?

Major changes happen, either by choice or circumstance. If you have experienced a significant change in your life, be it, with your career, relationships, family, identity of a loss of your sense of purpose, this course is for you.

What's the investment?

The 21 Day Fresh Start is regularly $129.

I love being a part of people's successful transitions so, as an incentive for you to invest in your future, for a limited time, you can purchase it now for only $99.

What is the course schedule?

  • Module 1: Wed. January 6th | 7 - 8:30pm. PT
  • Module 2: Wed. January 13th | 7 - 8:30pm. PT
  • Module 3: Wed. January 20th | 7 - 8:30pm. PT
  • Regular check-ins w/ accountability partner
  • 1 on 1 strategy session with Alison TBD

Alison helped guide me out of one of the lowest points in my life. Her insight and curiosity helped me move on from a soul-crushing career, follow my heart, and build a new life based on my lifelong dream.

— James Forister, Entrepreneur


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